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On Campus Clubs


Club Name




5 Branches Art Club

Alina Aguirre


Van Hoorebeke

This club makes art that is used at the front of greeting cards for soldiers.

Academic Integrity Club

Tyler Lowell


Ms. Albitar

Helping to bring down cheating rates on both tests and homework.

Art Club

Brook Cravatta


Mr. Robinson (Joe)

For any high school student who has a passion for art, and is seeking a creative outlet to discuss and create art.

Artful Minds

Ariana Llamas


Mrs. McKeon

De-stress by making art and learning about mental health.

Best Buddies

Elizabeth Peters


Justin Schroeder

An international organization to help create friendships on campus especially with students in special education.


Rafael Arias Torres


Debbie Pogue

A nationally recognized program with the mission of improving intergroup relations, that respects today’s diversity.

Comedy Sportz High School League

Lily Warmington & Grace Vaughn



This is an Improv Club that competes with people from other schools.

Community Club

Lexy Peck


Mr. Ledon

The purpose of this club is to make a community and to unify the people of Harbor.

Computer Security Club

Josef Schneider


Mr. Bulone

Teach and discuss Computer Science and Security.

Corazon de Vida

Sophie Birmingham & Nikki Lindh


Mrs. Pitones

Helping children in need in orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Zachary "Ashe" Minyard


Mr. Johnston

A space to talk about different aspects and experiences of Dungeons and Dragons.

FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Jack Somers & Olivia Cox

Miss Kirby

A place to have an opportunity to learn and grow in the Christian faith.


Andrew Moreno


Sarah Pilon

Focuses on developing leadership skills, and helps members find a career pathway.

Feminist Club

Lila Singley


Cori Ciok

A club that ensures safety for all women and men on campus.

Field Studies

Will Vandervort & Abby Sweetener


John Brazelton

Taking people outdoors to appreciate nature while it lasts.

Friday Night Club

Amanda Wertheimer & Avery Wooden


Gwen Gaylord

This club promotes the inclusion of special need kids, teen and adults in the community.

Game Design and Development

Rhys Sullivan


James Sigafoos

A place for people to come together to talk about making video games.

Gavel Club

Avalon Baltera


Ms. Fisher

An international club throughout the world, to help with leadership.


Isabel Morris


Dr. Naasz

Crucial in providing a safe and welcoming environment to all students.


Bella Swart & Hallie Peplow


Jamie Tanzer

Halo Club (Dance for Autism) is a nonprofit organization that raises money and awareness for children with autism in the community.


Audrey Shrock


Mr. Sigafoos

Our goal is to end homelessness by making sure housing is available in the community.

Homeless Not Hopeless

Dina Hassan, Sofia Vore & Alexandria Cefalu


Mr. Sigafoos


Hope At Harbor

Peyton Peterson


Mr. Kolber

Helps the 23 students at Newport Harbor that are enrolled in this program and give them the supplies.


Mia Lucore


Mrs. Shedd

Works with Illumination Foundation to help the homeless youth and families in Orange County.

International Thespian Society

Cassie Sampley


Joseph D'Aquino

Further skills and mindsets of those interested in theater.

Key Club

Irene Antonio


Ms. Silva

Provide community service opportunities for our members and help them develop leadership skills.


Taylor Gheris


Belen Pitones

An auxiliary group for Court Appointed Special Advocates of Orange County.

Latinos Unidos

Anahi Villagrana and Sakay Maldonado


Laura Barneby

Promoting and including Latinos and all students.

Legion of Comics

Alex Sun


Mr. Robinson (Joe)

For people who appreciate comics to discuss and learn about the characters.

Make A Wish Club

Benjamin Klarin


Dr. Naasz

This club is to help a foundation that helps kids with life threatening diseases by granting them a wish.

March For Our Lives

Kanaya Adams


Quin Corbett

A club that's centered around the bipartisan effort to pass gun control laws.

Math Club

Ayla Spitz


Mr. Dominguez

A gathering of students who love math or want to learn more about it.

Mental Wellness Club

Bailey Allen & Cielo Cuenca


Dr. Naasz

A safe space for students to talk about mental health and to help cope with stress and anxiety.

Mock Trial

Baylee Bogard



Joe Robinson

To help students become more aware of Justice System and how it works in our city.

Model United Nations

Sam Quattrociocchi


Jenniger Thompson

A delegation that emulates the United Nations, solving various global issues.


Haley Atkins



A group that performs community service projects in order to help our community.

National Honor Society

Mia Matsunami


Ms. Blackledge/Angell

An organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.

National Junior Classical League

Ty Marking & John Drake


Mr. Robinson (Joe)

Educate and inspire people that aren't in Latin (as a language) to want to learn about classical culture.

NHHS Young Republicans

Braydon Butler


Garrett Govaars

A political club for young republicans at our school.

Paws For a cause

Emily Johnson


Mrs. Peron

Raising money and supplies for the dogs, we will be walking them at the shelter on Sundays.

Raspberry Pi Club

Rafael Arias Torres


Mr. Bulone

Students will be able to learn how to create code.

Rock Climbing Club

Will Vandervort


Taylor McClanahan

Getting out of the house and challenging both our mental and physical limits.

Save the Sea

Kylie Keirstead



It's a club dedicated to helping the oceans stay clean and prosperous.

Speech and Debate Club

Tuan Le & Zakaria Elkawa


Joe Robinson

To debate and speak about controversial topics to improve on public speaking.

Space Club

Elan Isacowitz


Mr. Brazelton

Will talk about monthly topics involving space and space travel.

Student Political Action Committee

Claire Hefner



Mr. Robinson (Joe)

SPAC is a club that helps students get involved in the community especially with Blood Drives.

Technical Theater Club

Anya Farinsky


Joe D'Aquino

For those who are interested in the technical side of theater to become educated and skilled so they are able to support the performing arts.

Teen Project

Rachel Lemmon


Mr Kumar

Raises awareness to teenagers who have been removed from the foster care system.

The Beacon Newspaper

Sophia Stameson


Matt Johnson

The online school newspaper.

The Uncommon Sailor

Katie Shannon


Mr. Ledon

To celebrate and promote Harbor's performing arts programs on campus!

Transgender Alliance

Maddox Laubart


Ms. Mckeon

For all transgender students to feel supported and safe on campus.


Forest Luxanne



Janine Mckeon

To discuss animals on the 'critically endangered' list, as well as any other animals we may feel the need to bring up that day.

Witch Club

Georgia Salvino & Gia Negrete


Quinn Corbett

To understand the magic arts such as palmistry, crystals

Young Democrats of America

Bailey Allen & Rafa Arias


Ms. Newman

A club where students who consider themselves democrats can discuss current events, politics, and social issues openly.

Younglife Club

Danae Navarrette


Kiran Kumar

A Christian based club with games, food, and community building.


Alex Terry and Keilani Lee



Help raise awareness for child abuse and assist organization ChildHelp.