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Coastline ROP & CTE

  • FREE for High School Students

  • Hands on, experiential learning

  • Earn grades and credits toward high school graduation

  • Enroll in classes that satisfy a-g requirements for UC and CSU

  • Gain experience for employment

  • Internships (Must be 16 years of age)

  • Try & Explore Careers

  • Classes are taught by professionals in their field

  • Stand out on college applications

  • Many ROP courses can receive credit at a local community college (Articulation)

  • ROP stands for Regional Occupational Program

  • ROP = CTE (Career Technical Education)

  • ROP is a partner with NMUSD to provide career and technical education courses

  • Combines classroom instruction with hands-on learning from credentialed experts in their field/industries

  • Offers free classes in diverse high-growth industries including health care, manufacturing technologies, or digital media arts, among others

Spring 2023 Course Offerings

Fall 2023 Course Offerings


  • During & After School
  • Classes are generally 1-2x a week after school
  • Specific dates & times depend on the class and can be found in the ROP Course Catalog
  • Class start/end dates generally follow the CMHS calendar (unless held in a different district)


  • NHHS Campus
  • ROP's Presidio Campus in Costa Mesa
  • Other High School's around Orange County 
  • Talk to your ROP career specialist, Ms. Zuniga to find the best class options for you!

    • Email at

    • Call at 949-515-6309

  • Explore ROP's Website

    • Browse available classes and the course catalog

    • Sign up for classes online at during your grade levels registration window

DECA Students/Business Pathway

DECA Business Pathway

ROP Culinary Students
ROP Culinary Students
Coastline ROP

The Career Technical Education (CTE) program in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District offers elective courses in a sequential CTE pathway, within an industry sector that incorporates science, math, English Language Arts (ELA), and CTE common core standards. Increasingly, states and districts are organizing educational opportunities along with experiential learning through a coherent career pathway system. This secondary school strategy ensures students receive career knowledge combined with rigorous academics and hands-on learning resulting in deeper engagement, attainment of workplace skills, and academic achievement for students. Career pathways encourage student choice in the direction and alignment with local industry and career opportunities; they also help students transition from school to post-secondary education and careers through purposefully designed courses and services.  

New Registration Dates Coastline ROP
COme VIsit OUr ROP Specialist!
  • Ms. Zuniga is located in the counseling office: 

    • Email at

    • Call at 949-515-6309