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NHHS Drama Presents "Members of a Family"
Posted 8/18/21

Twenty students, three professional actors, two teachers, and three designers joined forces last spring to stage and record an original play, Members of a Family, on the Robert B. Wentz stage.

Watch your peers in this wonderfully entertaining dark comedy.


Rosemary DiNapoli’s life is a circus: she moved away from her family and became a group therapist, she’s in a relationship with the wrong guy, her grandmother solves neighbors’ problems by reading oil and water in a bowl, her mother (Connie) claims to have had two births without sex while admitting to having the third one “au natural”, her brother and sister dismiss her as an elitist, and her high school sweetheart still believes they are destined for one another… even though he hasn’t spoken to her ten years. When a family crisis forces Rose to return home, she must face her choices and confront her fears in this two-act comedic romp through the lives and “dirty laundry” of the DiNapoli family.


You can view the recording at this link