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23-24 Course Selection- Current Students
Posted 2/15/23


Over the last few weeks, our counseling and guidance department has made class visits to English and History classes to share information about registration and course selection for fall classes.  At this time students can enter fall course requests into Aeries. The Aeries window will close for current students on February 17, 2023. Between February 27th and March 31st, every student will have a meeting with their counselor to review their course selections, make changes, and review graduation and other planning. 


All of the counselors will be scheduled in student meetings this entire month. At the end of March, we will review student course requests and make sure students are signed up for the correct number of courses. Students and parents can review course requests in the aeries portal.  Students are not scheduled into courses until the end of the current school year. Student schedules are available in August during on-campus registration. 


Directions (More information on the Course Selection documents below which were given to students):

1.”Go to the NHHS website-


 3. Watch the registration video on the right side of the page.  Link to course descriptions are also on this page.

 4. Log in the Aeries Portal 

 5. Sign up for your classes between Monday, February 6- Friday, February 17

6. Meet with your counselor and review, add, or change classes (March). 


10th Grade Course Selection- Current 9th-Grade Students


11th Grade Course Selection- Current 10th-Grade Students


12th Grade Course Selection - Current 11th-Grade Students


Please reach out if you have any questions. 


Thank you, 


NHHS Counseling and Guidance