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NHHS Clubs

African American Allies: 
Alexandria Schachter 
Spreads awareness and educates
peers about subjects involving the
black community.

Association of Politically Involved Youth
Kylie Papa 
This is a political discussion club for
people of all political affiliations to
discuss current events in the interest
of expanding horizons, and
practicing civil discussion skills.

Baking with Buddies:
Ellie Robinson 
Baking with buds is a club to talk about, bake, and eat baked goods and to make new friends. We hope to share what we bake with more than just club members but other people around campus. Join us for lots of fun and good eats!

Basketball Club
Nagi Mihakel   
Meets and plays basketball. 

Sofia Roth, Juliane Kwong, Aviv Golan
Blaze it Forward will work with students to learn about combating hate and spreading kindness on campus as well as in life.

Book Club
Lucy halperin 
Votes on a book to read and read it and then discuss.

Book lovers Club
Alyssa East 
We read fun books then watch the movies and talk about them. It's a fun way to meet fellow book and movie lovers.

Gabby Rossini
A nationally recognized program
with the mission of improving
intergroup relations, that respects
today’s diversity.

California Scholarship Federation Club
Sydney Verdugo 
Scholarship club that encourages
academic achievement and

Cleats for Kids: 
Nicolas Montgomery 
It would be a club in which we collected sports cleats from everyone and others and donated them to local organizations that are in need.
Joyce De Quiros (Code it, Make it, Build it) is a team of coders who make and build websites or apps for the school and the community!

Crochet & Knit Club 
The Crochet & Knit Club is welcome to beginner, intermediate, and advanced crocheters and/or knitters! Whether you want to start learning or to continue broadening your skill, this club will cover the basics of crocheting and knitting as well as creating projects for our school and community!

Debate Club
Macey Craiger 
Students will debate current events
and other trending topics.

Drama Club
Keira Wilkes 
Drama club will help students learn
various aspects of theater, like
acting, improv, and other

Dungeons and Dragons Club
Vince Westfall 
A DnD campaign set in the first stages of a zombie apocalypse. You're stuck in a lab in the middle of nowhere and have to go across the country to find the safe point.

Dynamite Book Club
Renzo Panasitti 
The Dynamite Book Club is the Newport Harbor extension of an external non-profit organization that promotes literacy in underserved communities and provides volunteer opportunities.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Maggie McWhertor 
A place to have an opportunity to learn and grow in the Christian faith. 

Feminist Club
Addison Goldwasser 
We discuss feminism and issues of
inequality, both on and off campus.
Feminist club is here to empower
students of all genders and provide
a safe place for everyone!

Green Team
Tracy Chavez & Sabrina Schefier 
Focused on encouraging and
spreading awareness about
recycling and the impact of our waste.

Halo Dance for Autism
Alexandria Schachter 
Halo Club (Dance for Autism) is a nonprofit organization that raises money and awareness for children with autism in the community.

Harbor Horse and Help Club
Mila Slutzky 
The Newport Harbor Horse and Help Club is a club for kids who like to spend time around animals, in particular horses. We will volunteer at Surf and Turf and Back Bay Therapeutic Riding Center where kids with physical and developmental challenges can learn to ride horses.

Jesus Club
Faith Deverian 
A Jesus club is a student led movement that reaches an school with the love of God through prayer, acts of service, and club gatherings that share the hope of the gospel.

Just Serve Newport Harbor
Caleb Kettley 
Service in our community

Key Club
Ema Sabau 
Provide community service opportunities for our members and help them develop leadership skills.

Language and Cultural Diversity
Alon Guez 
A club where people of different backgrounds and cultures could exchange knowledge.

Latinos Unidos
Melany Castaneda, Jenesis Tejeda, Romeo Moreno 
Promoting and including Latinos and all students.

Math Club
Kate Kubiak & Emma Schuemann 
A gathering of students who love math or want to learn more about it.

Mental Health Club
Ashley Holowaty 
A safe space for students to talk about mental health and to help cope with stress and anxiety.

Music Appreciation Club
Kate Cherry 
Club where students can get together to share music that they enjoy and connect with others over a shared interest.

National Honor Society
Gia Ancone & Stella Gaffney 
An organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.

Newport Harbor Competitive Coding
Lukas Hauge 
Passionate coders preparing for the Lockheed Martin annual “Code Quest” competition, where schools from around the world compete to solve problems to earn points for their school’s team.

Newport Harbor Computer Science Team
Lukas Hauge   
A club for all the computer science related club members/leaders to help discuss events to create easy communication. Computer science club leaders highly recommended joining.

Newport Harbor Film Club
Darian Mahdi, Kamila Luna, Lucy Halperin
We will assign movies for people to watch at home and then we will meet and discuss the movie.

NHHS Blood Drive Club
Lauren Boyd 
The Red Cross comes to the school
and it’s our job to put the drives
together, set them up, and get people there. 

NHHS FIDM Fashion Club
Scotlynd Bruns 
Group collaboration to learn all
about FIDM, do hands-on
workshops, learn about different
fabrics, sewing techniques, designs,
styles, all things fashion.

NHHS Girls Who Code:
Gia Ancone 
Meets in the
computer lab to study coding
languages, techniques, and discuss
important technological frontiers.

NHHS Helping Hands
Delaney Staub 
We focus on tutoring underprivileged children whose families cannot afford tutoring and mentoring children who are going through hard times in their lives.

NHHS Prosthetics
Tamaki Kondo  
A club with a goal to create and distribute prosthetics arms and hands using 3D printers. We will operate through the e-Nable Hub to contact and speak with recipients.

Outdoor Adventures
Macey Richardson 
Outdoor Adventures is a place for students who love being outside to come together. Hikers, rock climbers, skiers/snowboarders, mountain bikers, surfers, campers, kayakers, hammock-enjoyers, and any sort of outdoor enthusiast are more than welcome. Being outside is amazing, but adventuring together is truly magical. 

Photography Club
Isabell Mondillo 
A club for fans of photography who want to engage in photography discussions and participate in photography philanthropic events.

Sunnny Rodriguez Melchor 
Helps LGBTQ community on campus feel safe and welcome and resolve issues regarding queer people. 

Robotics Club
Gabriel Golamco 
Robotics club has several teams
organized under one club to
construct robots to compete in
district Vex Robotics tournaments.

Sailor for SOS
Blake Tomalas 
Sailors for SOS is a club that works
closely with the Share Our Selves
community center/shelter partaking
in drives and volunteering.

Science and Medicine in Action
Sofia Del Villar & Emma Scheumann 
In this club, students will learn more about future STEM related career paths like doctors, scientists and others. We will bring in guest speakers to talk about their career. We will volunteer at organizations to help others learn and attend and host STEM related events.

Selling Sailors Real Estate Club
Audrey Metcalf 
Learn all about buying, selling, and investing in real estate for the future real estate brokers of Newport Harbor! We will also learn about interior design and construction. We will visit open-houses, have guest speakers, and do mock presentations as teen agents. For a philanthropic component, we will raise money and collect blankets and jackets for the homeless during the holiday season.

Smile Back Club
Elsa Wiley 
Volunteer at local shelters and give back to those in need. Do different drives 
on campus and help support the homeless community.

Smile Train
Sienna Moatazedi 
My club is designed to fundraise for the Smile Train organization. This organization has a goal to train doctors in areas where Cleft Pallet is common. My goal is to fundraise through outside and in-school events and to raise awareness for the cause.

Students for Seniors
Samantha Forbath 
Visits senior centers, to hangout with senior citizens. 

Technical Theater Club
Beatrix Kulik 
We will work closely with the theater department and run the tech side for the theater productions they put on throughout the year.

Teen Project Club
Gretchen Scheck 
Raises awareness to teenagers who have been removed from the foster care system.

The Math Club
Mackenzie Greer 
Math club is a space for students to come get help from other students in math. We will have food and problems of the day at each meeting. Overall it is just a place for anyone to get extra help and make new friends.

The Surfrider Foundation
Georgia Sinacori 
This club will help clean the shores
of our local community while making
our environment is healthier and less polluted.

Two Steps Ahead Club
Brandon Madrid 
Help educate students on important topics and skills that they’ll need outside of highschool and even as an adult.

VAPA + CTE Student Leadership Committee
Gabriella Earnhart 
The Newport Harbor VAPA + CTE Student Leadership Committee exists to provide student lead support for the visual/performing arts and career/technical education programs at Newport Harbor High School and enhance the artistic and marketing reach of our departments while representing the best interests of VAPA + CTE students in branch wide decisions and situations. We regularly partner with fellow student leadership programs (ASB, Link Crew, Bridges, etc.) to advocate for inclusion and celebration of the arts at Newport Harbor High School. 

Virtual Exchange Club
Mia Schiesel 
Teaches skills to prepare for
synchronized meetings with
students from other countries using
communication skills.

Ween Club
Collin O’Connor 
A club centered around the band Ween. In this club we dissect the music, discuss it and listen to it together.

Women in STEM Club
Emma LeSieur 
This club will be dedicated to promoting women's participation in STEM and encouraging diversity in the STEM field. We want to offer science and math tutoring every other week, as well as have female speakers come and talk about their careers in STEM to show representation a few times a year.

Young Democrats Club 
A club where students who consider
themselves democrats can discuss
current events, politics, and social
issues openly.