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IB Diploma Program at Newport Harbor High School

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Alma Di Giorgio, IB Coordinator.

Grace Nguyen, IB Diploma Counselor.

NHHS IB classes

All IB classes are either Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL). HL's are two-year classes. Some are combined with AP classes. Students must take at least 3 HL's for the Diploma.

IB Literature HL  
IB Language and Literature HL 

IB French SL 
IB Spanish SL 

IB History of the Americas HL2 


IB Math Applications and Interpretation SL (prerequisite Math III)


Astronomy SL (one-year)
IB Physics HL 1 (AP Physics C: Mech)
IB Physics HL 2 (AP Physics C: E&M)
IB Biology SL (one- year)

IB Visual Arts HL 
IB Theatre HL 
IB Film HL  
IB Music HL
IB Business Management HL 

NHHS IB Diploma Promo

IB Diploma

IB in Practice

The International Baccalaureate Organization regularly conducts research on the benefits of its program.  The latest study again showed that the an IB education increases a student's chance at college success.

IB Diploma Handbook

2022-2023 IB Diploma Handbook

Evaluation guide and self-study questionnaire

I Think, Therfore IB

NHHS's International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The IB Diploma Program is an intellectually-rich, well-rounded two-year course of study for juniors and seniors that is built around three core experiences:

  • Theory of Knowledge, a college-level seminar
  • Creativity, Action, and Service, a student-designed community service project; and
  • Extended Essay, a research project

IB Diploma Candidates also pursue college-level work in six subjects: English, a second language, history, math, science, and an elective.

IB classes are open to all juniors and seniors, not just those in the full Diploma Program.  Like AP, IB classes are recognized by colleges and universities as excellent preparation for higher education.  Successful completion of AP and IB courses is usually rewarded with course credit or used for placement.  

IB Students Talk About The "Theory Of Knowledge" Class

TOK Video

IB Program Logo

Get to know the IB Alumni Network

In 2014 the IB Alumni Network is more than 35,000 alumni, a growing portion of the more than one million IB Program graduates worldwide.  Any IB Program graduate may join the alumni network, receive the quarterly  newsletter, and learn about the opportunities in his or her area.

The alumni network is open to the entire IB community of graduates, teachers, students, and friends.

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Testing information for current IB students

IB Diploma Program
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