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Campus Map - Safety

In the event of an emergency, sometimes a wheelchair or an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is necessary.  Our campus is equipped with several, and the attached map indicates where these items are located.  The Nurse’s Office has confirmed that the map is accurate.

If, at any point, you find it necessary to use one of these items, please notify the front office immediately.  Use of a wheelchair or an AED is usually part of a much larger emergency, and we have additional resources that can be of help; moreover, we need to make sure the item is returned or replaced properly so that it can be available for subsequent emergencies.

Safety Map

If You are unable to view this map for any reason, please call 949-515-6300 for assistance

Building Rooms

Lower: Administration, Attendance, Counseling, Cafeteria, Library, Drama Dept, Music Dept, Theater

Upper: Classrooms 201-212

Home Arts: Classrooms 170-179
Dodge Hall

Lower: Classrooms 140-157

Upper: Classrooms 240-255

Beek Hall

Lower: Classrooms 160-166

Upper: Classrooms 260-266

Sims Hall

Lower: Classrooms 183-185

Upper: Classrooms 288-297

Tech Bldg Classrooms 302-304
Tech Bldg A Classrooms 306-308